Plastic Canvas Valentine’s Box Pattern & Tutorial

I'll be honest, I never really considered the serious crafting possibilities of plastic canvas until Diane from CraftyPod opened my eyes. Last year she organized the plastic canvas blog hop that I made baby blocks for and I've been wanting to experiment more with it ever since. I had this idea for making a heart box for Valentine's Day but I was struggling with getting the shape right. I emailed Diane and she suggested sticking with 45 degree angles when working with plastic canvas and that helped immensely! I have a pattern for the box at the end of the ... Read More

Plastic Canvas Blog Hop – Baby Blocks

I am really excited to take part in this plastic canvas blog hop. I love seeing all the different things people are doing with it, it's such a fun material! I haven't ever used it before, and I'm realizing how many options there are for plastic canvas! I made these baby blocks and stuffed them with polyfill and put bells inside so they rattle. They stitch up really quickly and can be customized with any colors. I've included a PDF to download with all of the different patterns I used. Each block has two solid sides and four patterned sides. I used 7ct plastic ... Read More

WIP Wednesday – Hexagons, Embroidery, and Plastic Canvas

I'm working on a lot of different projects right now and I can't wait to finish them up. In the world of hexagons, I am working on the Wild Olive spring stitching club. I have last week and this week's to do still and I'm a little behind on the hexagons. But I love the colors and the patterns that Mollie has sent out so far! I loved the size of the hexagons for the stitching club, so I decided to make a table runner. I'm really close to finishing, I just have one more row to attach. I think I might finish it with a felt backing but I'm not sure yet. I'm ... Read More