Happy Halloween!

Evie cycled through a lot of Halloween costume ideas and I wasn't going to let her change her mind anymore. But when she said she wanted to be R2D2, how could I say no to that? Plus, her Elsa dress that we got isn't really conducive to trick or treating in the Midwest. The high tomorrow is 43F, so the ability to layer under this hoodie will be necessary! Josh and I originally had grand plans to paint a bike helmet for her costume, but this hoodie from the Disney Store was perfect. I got some white pants from Old Navy and decided it needed a little something extra. I ... Read More

Finished Mira’s Blanket!

It's been a long time coming but I finally finished Mira's blanket! She's 14 months old, but it's better than my track record with Evie's blanket which still isn't finished. I really love the 30 for 30 crafting challenge because it's making me pick up projects that I haven't been wanting to work on. I'm so glad to be able to tick this off my list. Now I'm moving onto Evie's blanket. I have had all the squares finished for months but it's the joining that's been holding me up, that and the inevitable weaving of ends that will have to happen. I wish I could go back ... Read More

Mira’s Birthday Party!

For Evie's first birthday party I made a ton of decorations and then was so busy setting up that I didn't get a chance to take any pictures. I was not going to let that happen this time around, so I got all the decorations up the night before Mira's party so I could get pictures of them all! For the decorations I used a lot of Benzie Design wool felt and a lot of bakers twine from the Twinery. The pinwheels came from Land of Nod, I didn't even realize they sold party supplies until I saw a post on their blog about it. So last weekend we went to Land of Nod ... Read More

Mira is One!

I go back and forth between being amazed that Mira has already been around for a year and disbelieve that it's only been a year. Thinking back to her birth is still terrifying and shocking to think about how that all went down. And here we are a year later. Mira is turning into such a little person, she's so funny and strong willed. She puts up with a lot from her big sister but loves Evie so much anyways, it just melts my heart. When Evie comes into the room Mira lights up, she just wants to follow her everywhere. Mira isn't walking yet but she gets around fast. ... Read More

M Button Monogram

Mira's birthday is quickly approaching (in a week I'll have a one year old!) and I realized I had a project I did months ago but never shared. I had made Evie a button monogram, so I thought it was only fair for Mira to get one too. It's been too long since I've done a monogram project, they've been replaced with hexagons. I'm going to have to remedy that soon! I have a huge jar of buttons left over from when I made Evie's monogram. I used tweezers from the start this time and didn't burn myself as much with the hot glue which is definitely a positive thing! ... Read More

Plastic Canvas Blog Hop – Baby Blocks

I am really excited to take part in this plastic canvas blog hop. I love seeing all the different things people are doing with it, it's such a fun material! I haven't ever used it before, and I'm realizing how many options there are for plastic canvas! I made these baby blocks and stuffed them with polyfill and put bells inside so they rattle. They stitch up really quickly and can be customized with any colors. I've included a PDF to download with all of the different patterns I used. Each block has two solid sides and four patterned sides. I used 7ct plastic ... Read More

WIP Wednesday – A Tale of Two Blankets

I started a blanket for Evie when I was still pregnant with Mira. It's a starburst granny square one and I love it, but the idea of joining it and weaving in the ends was enough to make me hide it away for months. During that time I started a blanket for Mira, this one is a giant granny square. I purposefully chose a pattern that wouldn't require joining and would have a lot less ends to weave in at the end. One of my 2014 goals was to finish both blankets. I finally got my act together and started joining Evie's blanket. I decided to single crochet them together ... Read More

Embroidered Headphone Onesie

I'm not even going to bother with a blanket check in this week. I did a few borders, but the number of squares actually went down because I miscounted on some of the circles and had to disassemble them. I haven't done much crocheting or stitching this week, I've been in birthday mode for Evie. Her party is Sunday so next week I will be showing off all the things I went overboard making. I put this onesie on Mira for the first time today. I made it when I was pregnant with Evie and it was one of the first embroidery things I've done. I didn't really use a stabilizer ... Read More