Super Easy Handmade Costumes

Please Note: This post contains affiliate links that are indicated by an asterisk*. My children are extremely indecisive about Halloween costumes. They both cycled through a ton of costume options before finally settling on them. Mira wanted to be a Care Bear and Evie wanted to be Link. I immediately knew how I was going to do the Care Bear costume, I got a plain pink hoodie and made a felt circle to attach to it. I couldn't find a hoodie that didn't have a zipper, so I got it a couple sizes too big so I could more easily slip it over her head. I also anticipate ... Read More

Happy Halloween!

Evie cycled through a lot of Halloween costume ideas and I wasn't going to let her change her mind anymore. But when she said she wanted to be R2D2, how could I say no to that? Plus, her Elsa dress that we got isn't really conducive to trick or treating in the Midwest. The high tomorrow is 43F, so the ability to layer under this hoodie will be necessary! Josh and I originally had grand plans to paint a bike helmet for her costume, but this hoodie from the Disney Store was perfect. I got some white pants from Old Navy and decided it needed a little something extra. I ... Read More