Happy Halloween!

R2D2 and C3PO Costumes from Hugs are Fun

Evie cycled through a lot of Halloween costume ideas and I wasn’t going to let her change her mind anymore. But when she said she wanted to be R2D2, how could I say no to that? Plus, her Elsa dress that we got isn’t really conducive to trick or treating in the Midwest. The high tomorrow is 43F, so the ability to layer under this hoodie will be necessary!

R2D2 and C3PO Costumes from Hugs are Fun

Josh and I originally had grand plans to paint a bike helmet for her costume, but this hoodie from the Disney Store was perfect. I got some white pants from Old Navy and decided it needed a little something extra. I know it’s not film accurate, but I made Evie a tutu to go with it. There’s a ton of different tutorials around, it’s crazy easy. I bought some spools of tulle and elastic and just knotted it. I ended up using three spools, but I probably could have made it shorter and I wouldn’t have needed so much. I cut each piece about 25 inches and folded them in half.

Mira’s C3PO costume is Star Wars Romper And Headpiece C-3Po, C-3PO Print, 1-2 Years*” target=”_blank”>from Amazon and it’s not bad for only being $14. It’s a little big on her so she can also wear lots of warmth underneath it. She walks around making robot beeps when she wears it, it’s pretty adorable.

Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween! What are your kids (or you) dressing up as this year?

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