WIP Wednesday – A Tale of Two Blankets

Crochet Blankets by Hugs are Fun
I started a blanket for Evie when I was still pregnant with Mira. It’s a starburst granny square one and I love it, but the idea of joining it and weaving in the ends was enough to make me hide it away for months.
During that time I started a blanket for Mira, this one is a giant granny square. I purposefully chose a pattern that wouldn’t require joining and would have a lot less ends to weave in at the end.
Starburst Granny Square Layout by Hugs are Fun
One of my 2014 goals was to finish both blankets. I finally got my act together and started joining Evie’s blanket. I decided to single crochet them together and it’s not as bad as I expected. Each square is different and I wanted to make sure to balance all the colors throughout the blanket, so I laid it out ahead of time. I kind of played it like sudoku, trying to keep from repeating the same outer color vertically and horizontally. I have each row in a pile and I’m working my way through them.
Starburst Granny Square Blanket by Hugs are Fun
As for the issue of the ends that need to be weaved in, a friend suggested adding a backing to the blanket and just hiding the ends. I think it’s a brilliant idea and it makes the possibility of finishing this a lot more hopeful!
Giant Granny Square Blanket by Hugs are Fun
Mira’s blanket is coming along slowly but surely. I pretty much only work on it in the car now since it’s so easy to work on without paying attention, I can even work on it at night.

Have you gone back to any projects you’ve been avoiding? How are they coming along?


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    These are so pretty, but I hear you about weaving in the ends, ugh! Adding a backing is a wonderful idea, can’t wait to see it!! I love the colors of Mira’s blanket, I’ve used the giant granny square pattern often because of it’s simplicity.

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      I actually think the giant granny is getting close to being done, but I think I want to add a border. I like the pattern a lot but I do wish it was rectangular instead of square.

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    Ok super jealous of these lovely blankets!! I’ve not had a chance to crochet for years since I stitch all the time. I too have a veeery small pile of granny squares that were destined to be a blanket. Sad times…

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      You should start a giant granny square! It’s such a great side project to work on in the car when stitching would require too much concentration. It’s such an easy pattern and I can do it almost entirely without looking.

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    Both blankets are coming along wonderfully! The backing would be fabulous to avoid have to sew in all those ends. I learned to hard way to work them in as I go. But sometimes I am just too excited for the next color!

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      I learned the hard way that I should have joined as I went, and that I should have weaved in the ends as I went. Hopefully the backing will cover up those mistakes and I can do things differently the next time.

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      Your granny square you made looks fantastic. Just keep going and make a giant granny square blanket! I really love how quickly it works up!

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