Embroidered Headphone Onesie

20130912-194755.jpgI’m not even going to bother with a blanket check in this week. I did a few borders, but the number of squares actually went down because I miscounted on some of the circles and had to disassemble them. I haven’t done much crocheting or stitching this week, I’ve been in birthday mode for Evie. Her party is Sunday so next week I will be showing off all the things I went overboard making.
20130912-194831.jpgI put this onesie on Mira for the first time today. I made it when I was pregnant with Evie and it was one of the first embroidery things I’ve done. I didn’t really use a stabilizer and with the cotton onesie material it’s a little messy. But I’m still pretty pleased with it and she looks cute. So here it is.

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