Happy Birthday Josh!

It's time for another sappy birthday post because today it's Josh's birthday! It's crazy to me to think back to us as those silly little high schoolers dating. Here we are 15 years later with these two incredibly crazy and adorable little girls. And Josh is seriously the most amazing dad, I can't get over how incredibly lucky I am. Josh has always been so unbelievably supportive and encouraging of all my crazy endeavors. He is always willing to help me figure out how to make a project happen or troubleshoot a computer problem. We've had so many adventures and done ... Read More

Evie’s My Little Pony Party with Free Silhouette Files!

Evie decided she wanted to have a My Little Pony party and I was kind of relieved. Last year I had a lot of fun putting together her Mo Willem's Pigeon party, but I put a lot of pressure on myself. So her picking a theme that I could buy a lot of the supplies at the party store definitely simplified things for me! I knew I wanted to at least make her a crown though and I wanted to make her a skirt too. For my birthday Josh got me a Silhouette Cameo and it is amazing. Once I've used it a bit more I will write an entire post about it. I figured I could make ... Read More

Mira’s Birthday Party!

For Evie's first birthday party I made a ton of decorations and then was so busy setting up that I didn't get a chance to take any pictures. I was not going to let that happen this time around, so I got all the decorations up the night before Mira's party so I could get pictures of them all! For the decorations I used a lot of Benzie Design wool felt and a lot of bakers twine from the Twinery. The pinwheels came from Land of Nod, I didn't even realize they sold party supplies until I saw a post on their blog about it. So last weekend we went to Land of Nod ... Read More

Mira is One!

I go back and forth between being amazed that Mira has already been around for a year and disbelieve that it's only been a year. Thinking back to her birth is still terrifying and shocking to think about how that all went down. And here we are a year later. Mira is turning into such a little person, she's so funny and strong willed. She puts up with a lot from her big sister but loves Evie so much anyways, it just melts my heart. When Evie comes into the room Mira lights up, she just wants to follow her everywhere. Mira isn't walking yet but she gets around fast. ... Read More

Happy Birthday Josh!

This post is going to be sappy because it's my favorite husband's birthday! This is the 14th birthday I've celebrated with him and it's the first with two little girlies! We've gone some fun places and done a lot of fun things, and I look forward to everything the future has in store. Josh is my best friend and an amazing dad. Plus, he makes me cross stitch patterns and websites without complaining. He's definitely a keeper. Happy birthday Josh! ... Read More