A Pigeon Party!

Evie decided she wanted a Pigeon party awhile back. I kept asking her to make sure she hadn't changed her mind before I started making anything. We even went into Party City the other day to get a few things and she didn't waver from her Pigeon party request. We are big fans of Pigeon, and I was excited to start making stuff. I went a little overboard! ... Read More

Evie is 3!

I can barely believe that three years ago I gave birth to a tiny, dark haired little baby, and today I have a funny, smart, energetic, blonde preschooler. Evie continues to amaze me every day, makes me laugh, and always keeps me on my toes. I was so nervous about how she would be with Mira, but she is the sweetest and most amazing big sister. I can't wait to see what adventures this year brings. Happy Birthday Evie Pantalones! ... Read More

Birthday Present Fun!

I got some pretty awesome stuff for my birthday this year and I wanted to show it off. I have a hard time thinking of things I want, I can always think of a dozen things to get the girls though. I was able to come up with one thing to tell Josh I wanted, a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad Mini. He did a lot of research and picked out the ... Read More

Happy Birthday Tesla!

It's that day again, Tesla's birthday! I almost forgot until I was reminded by this comic that The Oatmeal posted on Facebook. So go celebrate with your AC electricity or your death ray. Whatever you see fit to remember the man. ... Read More