WIP Wednesday – Doodle Stitch Along Progress

As part of the 30 for 30 crafting challenge I've been putting in more time on the doodle stitchalong project. I've been exploring more new stitches and I just started playing around with using different numbers of thread strands. I'm usually a 3 strand girl, I like how it covers without being too thick, but I've done some 1 strand stitching on here. I don't think I'll ever really be done with this, I'm just going to keep this as my long, long term project. You can read more about the Doodle Stitchalong here. Join in by tagging photos on Instagram or ... Read More

WIP Wednesday – French Knots and Doodle Stitching

I think my French knot obsession started when I saw Julie from Got the Button's sampler. I love the look of all of those knots clumped together, it creates such a great texture. I've wanted to make my own for awhile, but was intimidated about doing anything too big because I thought it would take forever. The other night I got the idea to use one of my tiny 3" hoops and it's going pretty quickly. I am making a color wheel and I'm really excited to finish it. It's going really quickly. When my thread runs out, instead of finishing a section I start another color. I get ... Read More

April ORT Update & Doodle Stitchalong News

There is something so satisfying about seeing a jar filling up, showing that progress. I don't feel like my jar has been filling as quickly as last year, I've been doing a lot of different projects besides just cross stitching. But it's still early in the year. I keep a little pouch with me that I shove all my thread pieces into and then periodically transfer them into my ORT jar. This is a couple week's worth of projects. You can read more about the TUSAL here. The awesome Kittykill over at Craftster has collaborated with me for the Doodle ... Read More

Doodle Stitchalong Progress

I love the response there has been to the Doodle Stitchalong. I've had a couple people link up posts, and quite a few participants on Instagram! If you haven't started, it's not too late! Don't feel like you have to finish it or like there is any pressure, it's just meant to be fun! I hadn't worked on my own in awhile, so on Easter when we took a little road trip I brought it along. It was a great project to work on in the car, just stitching without thinking too much. I used some variegated thread and I really love the effect. I might need to play around with ... Read More

Doodle Stitch Along and Link Up

I was pleasantly surprised by the positive reactions to my doodle embroidery I posted. People seemed to really love the idea and a few people on Instagram mentioned having their own doodle stitching project! So I am starting my first stitch along and link up. There are no rules, just let this be fun! Choose any patterned fabric and use embroidery stitches to doodle or color in the fabric. I think it's a great chance to explore using different colors and stitches. Tag your photos with #doodlestitchalong on Instagram or link up a blog post showing off your ... Read More

Birthday Present Fun!

I got some pretty awesome stuff for my birthday this year and I wanted to show it off. I have a hard time thinking of things I want, I can always think of a dozen things to get the girls though. I was able to come up with one thing to tell Josh I wanted, a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad Mini. He did a lot of research and picked out the ... Read More