WIP Wednesday – French Knots and Doodle Stitching

French Knot Color Wheel WIP by Hugs are Fun
I think my French knot obsession started when I saw Julie from Got the Button’s sampler. I love the look of all of those knots clumped together, it creates such a great texture. I’ve wanted to make my own for awhile, but was intimidated about doing anything too big because I thought it would take forever. The other night I got the idea to use one of my tiny 3″ hoops and it’s going pretty quickly.
French Knot Color Wheel WIP by Hugs are Fun
I am making a color wheel and I’m really excited to finish it. It’s going really quickly. When my thread runs out, instead of finishing a section I start another color. I get too impatient when I use the same color for too long!

I’ve still be plugging away at my doodle stitching piece. The other day I pulled out this little embroidery guide and started trying out new stitches for it. There are so many different decorative stitches and I think this is a great opportunity to try them out!
It’s not too late to join the Doodle Stitchalong, you can read more about it here.
What have you been working on this week?

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