Embroidered and Fabric Color Wheels

It's no secret I love rainbows and color wheels. The big French knot color wheel is still one of my favorite projects I've ever made. I made a smaller version last year but never really took good pictures of it and then I sold it. So I decided I should make a new one that I would actually keep for myself, which so rarely happens. It looks so involved but I stitched it up in just a couple nights of binge watching Parks and Recreation. It's in a Dandelyne hoop necklace and I absolutely love it. And while I was on the whole color wheel kick, I got the idea to make ... Read More

French Knot Color Wheel

I have always loved the look of projects consisting entirely of French knots but they always seemed like they would take way more patience than I have. About 6 weeks ago I had the idea to make a French knot color wheel using a 3" hoop. I figured that it wouldn't be as much of an undertaking working with a tiny hoop. Let me tell you, it still took a long, long time. I worked on it pretty diligently for a few weeks and then set it aside. The 30 for 30 crafting challenge inspired me to pick it back up and finish it. I started focusing all my efforts on it and finally ... Read More

WIP Wednesday – French Knots and Doodle Stitching

I think my French knot obsession started when I saw Julie from Got the Button's sampler. I love the look of all of those knots clumped together, it creates such a great texture. I've wanted to make my own for awhile, but was intimidated about doing anything too big because I thought it would take forever. The other night I got the idea to use one of my tiny 3" hoops and it's going pretty quickly. I am making a color wheel and I'm really excited to finish it. It's going really quickly. When my thread runs out, instead of finishing a section I start another color. I get ... Read More