WIP Wednesday – Doodle Stitch Along Progress

As part of the 30 for 30 crafting challenge I've been putting in more time on the doodle stitchalong project. I've been exploring more new stitches and I just started playing around with using different numbers of thread strands. I'm usually a 3 strand girl, I like how it covers without being too thick, but I've done some 1 strand stitching on here. I don't think I'll ever really be done with this, I'm just going to keep this as my long, long term project. You can read more about the Doodle Stitchalong here. Join in by tagging photos on Instagram or ... Read More

WIP Wednesday – Hexagon Update

I haven't been working on them as much, but I'm still slowly making hexagons for my quilt. I am up to 1594 now, so I'm getting there! Although I was debating going even bigger and making it a queen size instead of twin. It would require about 1,000 extra hexagons than I originally planned, which sounds daunting, but I figure if I'm going to do it I might as well go all in! And really, if I'm already making 2363, is 3284 really that many more? I was originally going to wait until the end to start joining but I think I'm going to start soon. I'm really excited to see ... Read More

WIP Wednesday – French Knots and Doodle Stitching

I think my French knot obsession started when I saw Julie from Got the Button's sampler. I love the look of all of those knots clumped together, it creates such a great texture. I've wanted to make my own for awhile, but was intimidated about doing anything too big because I thought it would take forever. The other night I got the idea to use one of my tiny 3" hoops and it's going pretty quickly. I am making a color wheel and I'm really excited to finish it. It's going really quickly. When my thread runs out, instead of finishing a section I start another color. I get ... Read More

WIP Wednesday – Hexagons, Embroidery, and Plastic Canvas

I'm working on a lot of different projects right now and I can't wait to finish them up. In the world of hexagons, I am working on the Wild Olive spring stitching club. I have last week and this week's to do still and I'm a little behind on the hexagons. But I love the colors and the patterns that Mollie has sent out so far! I loved the size of the hexagons for the stitching club, so I decided to make a table runner. I'm really close to finishing, I just have one more row to attach. I think I might finish it with a felt backing but I'm not sure yet. I'm ... Read More

WIP Wednesday – More Hexagons

Besides the hexagons I made for the felt coaster I posted yesterday, I've been busy with English paper pieced hexagons! It's officially an addiction, which is a good thing because I need a lot. My original math was 1118 hexagons for a twin blanket, but then I realized I was only calculating for the size of a twin mattress, not the size the actual blanket needed to be. The new total I need - 1880. I'm keeping a tally of all the hexagons I make, separated by color. I plan on having 8 colors - pink, red, orange, yellow, green, teal/aqua, blue, purple. I didn't have ... Read More