An Online Fabric Store – Bunny’s Designs Fabric Supply

I've only bought fabric online a few times, a couple charm packs here and there. Since the bulk of my sewing is english paper piecing, I need such small amounts of fabric. Nearly every online fabric supplier I've come across has required 1/2 yard cuts and that is so much more fabric than I need most of the time. 95% of the time I buy 1/8 yard cuts. These equal out to be 4.5" (sometimes more depending on the store cutting it) and it works out pretty perfectly for making my hexagons. Plus it allows me to get a huge variety of fabrics for really cheap. I ... Read More

A Local Quilt Shop – Quilter’s Destination

I've had the same sewing machine since college, it's a little Janome that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas. It's always worked great but it is very, very basic. I've been toying with the idea of getting a new machine for awhile and finally pulled the trigger this week and headed to my local Janome dealer. This was the first time I went to Quilter's Destination in Arlington Heights, Illinois and I was very pleasantly surprised, they had a great selection. I went Wednesday night since they're open until 8 and I could go and leave the girls at home. ... Read More

A Local Quilt Shop – The Notions Nook

Over the holidays I was in my hometown of Rockford, Illinois and I stopped by the quilt shop Notions Nook. It's a pretty tiny shop but has a lot of really great stuff! They have a lot of 30s reproduction fabric which I immediately zeroed in on. I couldn't resist this buy 5, get 1 free fat quarter sale and I picked up a little rainbow of fabrics. The woman working was super nice and it was just a great shopping experience all around! Besides the six fat quarters, I also got a couple 1/8 yards and a yard each of the pink and blue ... Read More

A Local Quilt Shop – Patched Works Inc.

Yesterday we took a little road trip up to Milwaukee, WI to visit some friends. It's about a two hour drive, so I had a chance to make quite a few hexies along the way. Before we headed home we took a quick detour to check out Patched Works Inc. in Elm Grove, WI. The shop is located along a really cute street full of little shops. The shop was a lot bigger than I was expecting, I just kept finding more rooms. I didn't have a ton of time to look through all the fabric but I was really impressed with the selection. The room by the cash register ... Read More

Some Exciting Prizes!

I recently won a couple really awesome giveaways on Instagram that I can't help but show off! The first was from Dandelyne. I showed off a miniature embroidery hoop I made from Dandelyne and I was so excited to win a prize pack with four miniature embroidery hoops and an embroidery starter kit. I actually misplaced the little hoops for a few weeks and was going crazy trying to figure out where I put them. I cleaned my desk twice looking for them and then they randomly showed up the other day. Now I need to start making necklaces! Next was an amazing fat ... Read More

WIP Wednesday – More Hexagons

Besides the hexagons I made for the felt coaster I posted yesterday, I've been busy with English paper pieced hexagons! It's officially an addiction, which is a good thing because I need a lot. My original math was 1118 hexagons for a twin blanket, but then I realized I was only calculating for the size of a twin mattress, not the size the actual blanket needed to be. The new total I need - 1880. I'm keeping a tally of all the hexagons I make, separated by color. I plan on having 8 colors - pink, red, orange, yellow, green, teal/aqua, blue, purple. I didn't have ... Read More

A Possible Quilt?

So I keep mentioning my desire to make a quilt. I've never made one before but I am obsessed with looking at quilts on Pinterest and Instagram, and I got Quilting Happiness for my birthday and I'm currently reading a review copy of Modern One-Block Quilts. I think part of my fascination with quilts is that they remind me of large scale cross stitches. A lot of the different quilt squares could easily translate to cross stitches, and some of my geometric cross stitches could be made into a quilt. Well, I pulled out a box of sewing things the other day and came across ... Read More