Cross Stitch Pattern – Earth Core

One of my 2016 goals was to release one paid pattern a month. That hasn't been going exactly as planned since it's already March, but better late than never! My solar system patterns are consistently my most popular - both the rectangle version and circle version. I wanted to make more science cross stitch patterns and so I stitched up this cross section of the earth's core. I love how it turned out and hopefully you do too! You can get your own version over in my Etsy shop! There are more free patterns to download here. If you stitch up one of my ... Read More

New Cross Stitch Pattern – Periodic Table

It's been over two years since I finished stitching the Periodic Table of Elements, and I kept meaning to get the pattern up in my Etsy shop. I kept putting it off though because somewhere along the way, I lost the original pattern. A super awesome lady in the UK sent me an email in July asking if I would make the pattern available and I got busy and totally put it off. She was amazingly patient and emailed me again asking and I finally got my act together and got it ready. I recreated the pattern from the finished cross stitch, which I don't recommend doing. ... Read More

An Online Fabric Store – Bunny’s Designs Fabric Supply

I've only bought fabric online a few times, a couple charm packs here and there. Since the bulk of my sewing is english paper piecing, I need such small amounts of fabric. Nearly every online fabric supplier I've come across has required 1/2 yard cuts and that is so much more fabric than I need most of the time. 95% of the time I buy 1/8 yard cuts. These equal out to be 4.5" (sometimes more depending on the store cutting it) and it works out pretty perfectly for making my hexagons. Plus it allows me to get a huge variety of fabrics for really cheap. I ... Read More

Space Cross Stitch Flash Card Patterns Now In The Shop!

I've gotten a lot of people asking about the space cross stitch flash card patterns and I have really been dragging my feet on it. I felt like I should wait until I had the whole set but that is going to take forever so I finally decided to just get on with it and put the ones I have already done up in the shop. You can buy each of them individually or all 5 at a discounted price. There are free patterns to download here, and patterns to purchase here at my Etsy. ... Read More

Beluga Cross Stitch Pattern!

Every month Mollie from Wild Olive picks an animal and releases a free embroidery pattern and other projects focused on that animal. This month is a beluga whale and she asked me to create a cross stitch pattern! You can head over to Wild Olive to download a PDF of the baby beluga cross stitch. I also created a pattern with both a mama and baby beluga that I have for sale on Etsy. I haven't been cross stitching as much lately and it felt nice to get back to it. Both with Saturn for the LED project and the belugas. And I'll be back next Friday with ... Read More

New Patterns in the Shop!

I have two new patterns in the shop! This vintage camera cross stitch was a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law, she's in school for photography. I love the look of vintage cameras and I had a hard time choosing which one to stitch, but I love the shade of blue of the Diana. Buy the vintage camera pattern here. I've also added two new bird patterns to the collection. This one is a red winged blackbird. Buy the redwing blackbird pattern here. I made this barn swallow cross stitch for my mother-in-law for Christmas, I really loved the colors of this ... Read More

Friday Favorites – Lasers, Stitchy Selfie, & Mountains

First off I would like to direct all of you to 52 Lasers. Besides having an awesome name, this blog is fantastic! Jennifer (of Isette and Beadeux, the creator of the laser cut pendants) and her husband Ryan (of Abecediary ) have set a goal to create one new laser project a week. The first three weeks have already been really interesting, I can't see what else they come up with! I love reading about the problem solving that goes into laser cutting, it's fascinating to me! Next we have the amazing self portrait cross stitch from cauchy complete. She used 20ct ... Read More