Vow Renewal Gifts!

This past weekend my sister and brother-in-law had a 10 year vow renewal celebration. Their wedding 10 years ago was at the courthouse so this was their first chance to have a big celebration and I really wanted to make something special for it. I loved how the recipe box that Jen from 52Lasers cut for Josh's sister's wedding shower, so I knew I wanted to make one for my sister and brother-in-law. I sent messages to everyone coming and collected recipes for them and then made matching recipe cards with all of them. I also knew I wanted to make an embroidery for ... Read More

What I’ve Been Up To – Craft Fair Edition

I've still been plugging away at making Christmas gifts, but I've been taking some breaks to make some new products for a craft fair. December 7 I will have a booth at the Nido Winter Market in Aurora Illinois. Originally I didn't plan on making anything new, I have a ton of cross stitches and a handful of cross stitch pendants. But I just couldn't resist, especially since I have a bunch of Dandelyne mini embroidery hoops just begging to be filled. I also got some hexagon pendants from Beadeux that I am playing with different designs for. I also decided to make ... Read More

Gifts to Say Goodbye

Evie's best friend Amelia is moving to Seattle today. They have been friends practically since birth and seeing them play together is the sweetest. Evie constantly asks me if we'll be seeing Amelia when we go out. And while I'm really sad for Evie losing her friend, I'm sad for myself as well! Amelia's mom has become a good friend of mine and it works out so well that our girls love each other so much! Their friendship has been such a big part of Evie's life and I really wanted to make some special gifts for Amelia to remember Evie by. I knew I wanted to make a ... Read More

50 States Stitching Club by Wild Olive

Mollie from Wild Olive has another fantastic stitching club, this one is the 50 States! I swore to myself I was going to finish the spring stitching club before starting, but I just couldn't help myself! Every week is a different state and in the end I will have a quilt. I picked out my fabrics and I stitched up the first three states. On Saturday I went to breakfast with Mollie and I gave her a few state themed gifts. I had Jen from 52 Lasers cut this map thread holder and needleminder. I love how they turned out! I also saw these state cookies at Whole Foods ... Read More

Laser Cut Hexagon Pendants

I don't think it's any surprise that I've caught the hexagon bug. I've become an English paper piecing machine and I'm finding myself drawn to any and all hexagon patterns. Just check out this pouch, Moleskine, and duct tape that I got. Anyways, Jen from 52 Lasers made an assortment of hexagon pendant frames and I got to help her fill them! My first thought was obviously fabric. I'm a huge fan of making fabric hexagons, so I knew I wanted to make fabric hexagons to wear. I also wanted to cross stitch a design but that hasn't happened yet. But I did make a ... Read More

Laser Cut Recipe Box and Matching Embroidery

Josh's sister is getting married in July and her bridal shower was last weekend. The invitation came from Casalastudio on Etsy and I used the design to make a few gifts. Along with the invitation, everyone got recipe cards to share their favorite recipes. I briefly debated painting a recipe box for her, but instead talked to Jen from 52 lasers about etching it with the laser cutter. Originally I had planned on painted the letters after it was etched, but it turned out so amazing I didn't want to risk messing it up. The banner underneath has their wedding date on it. ... Read More

Alcohol Inked Cross Stitching!

I posted on last week's WIP Wednesday post that I had done more with the alcohol ink from the Darby Smart coaster kit. After the acrylic had ink on it, Jen sealed them (you can read more about the saga it took to get this right) and she put the colorful acrylic under the laser. I am smitten with the way these turned out and I can't wait to stitch them all up. I love the uniqueness of each of them, they are all one of a kind. I plan on making these little triangles into necklaces. The clear acrylic looks especially striking, and I love the etching that was ... Read More

Friday Favorites – Lasers, Stitchy Selfie, & Mountains

First off I would like to direct all of you to 52 Lasers. Besides having an awesome name, this blog is fantastic! Jennifer (of Isette and Beadeux, the creator of the laser cut pendants) and her husband Ryan (of Abecediary ) have set a goal to create one new laser project a week. The first three weeks have already been really interesting, I can't see what else they come up with! I love reading about the problem solving that goes into laser cutting, it's fascinating to me! Next we have the amazing self portrait cross stitch from cauchy complete. She used 20ct ... Read More