Laser Cut Hexagon Pendants

Laser Cut Hexagon Pendants from Hugs are Fun
I don’t think it’s any surprise that I’ve caught the hexagon bug. I’ve become an English paper piecing machine and I’m finding myself drawn to any and all hexagon patterns. Just check out this pouch, Moleskine, and duct tape that I got.
Laser Cut Hexagon Pendants from Hugs are Fun

Anyways, Jen from 52 Lasers made an assortment of hexagon pendant frames and I got to help her fill them!

My first thought was obviously fabric. I’m a huge fan of making fabric hexagons, so I knew I wanted to make fabric hexagons to wear.
Laser Cut Hexagon Pendants from Hugs are Fun
I also wanted to cross stitch a design but that hasn’t happened yet. But I did make a little embroidered one. I just hand wrote the letters, I kind of wish I had done a neater job and traced them. But I loved the idea of using the different spaces to make a more modern mother’s necklace. So I put both girl’s first initials and a heart.
Laser Cut Hexagon Pendants from Hugs are Fun
Now that’s when I started trying to think of other ideas. I saw that Jen was playing with adding additional embellishments and I started experimenting with other supplies. I stamped a piece of origami paper and sealed it with Mod Podge and I made one with washi tape. And my final, crazy idea was to fill the frame with seed beads.

The pendants come as two pieces, a front frame and a back that you glue together. Assembly is really simple, I glued mine together with E6000 glue.
Laser Cut Hexagon Pendants from Hugs are Fun

Jen is selling these in her supply shop Beadeux on Etsy. You can also get the awesome needleminders and floss holders over there too!

Read more about the pendants and see the ones that Jen made over at 52 Lasers.


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    They are so cute! Booooo to UK customs charges and shipping charges to UK, I can’t even buy one of the triple ones and a cloud pendant without risking having to pay loads extra when they get here πŸ™

    • says

      That really stinks. I’ve never had to pay customs charges but have seen a lot of people in the UK complaining about them, sometimes being more than the items were!

    • says

      Thanks! That was kind of a last minute idea, I was trying to do as many different things as possible to show off the versatility. I like how it turned out!

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    They look amazing!! Love them!! And how have I never read your blog before? First time here and I’ve already scheduled something to share on my fb page πŸ™‚

    • says

      Aww thanks so much! And thanks for sharing on your Facebook, I love Unikitty and I’m glad people have liked the pattern! πŸ™‚

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    Yikes! These are so cool – I love the idea that I could start wearing all the fabric I hoard πŸ˜‰ I feel like hexies are really having a moment right now, and I love it!

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