Handmade Christmas – Laser Cut Cross Stitch Edition

I decided to just lump all of the laser cut cross stitches I did into one post since I still have quite a few gifts to show off still! First up we have this color wheel necklace. I made this for my friend Brooke, she's an art teacher and I thought she would appreciate it. I absolutely love how it turned out and I want to make one for myself. In the kits the pendant has two holes, but this is a prototype one hole version. I love the design with the two holes, but I really like how it looks hanging at this orientation. Next is a small pendant I made for my ... Read More

Amuse-Bouche Swap

I signed up for the December Phat Quarter swap despite being completely swamped with Christmas crafting. And in typical fashion, I signed up without any ideas at all of what I would do. According to the swap page: What is an amuse-bouche? It’s a scrumptious little hors d’oeuvre. A stand-alone treat for your taste buds. Literally, one could translate it from the French as a “mouth amusement.” In our stitchy case, let’s define it as a tiny visual (rather than a taste) treat. Josh suggested that the laser cut pendants fit the description quite well, so I ... Read More