A Beastly Swap

Well after a slight delay, this has finally made it's way into the hands of Olisa from cocoaeyesthestitcher and I can show it off. This was my fourth swap, they usually take place over at the Phat Quarter Flickr group, but this one was on the new social network site Weave. If you're a stitcher, you should definitely sign up! You can see what I did for the first three swaps here. The theme was "Bestiary" and I thought it would be so easy but I had a really hard time. I got such an amazing piece from Olisa from the last swap, I felt a lot of pressure to make sure I ... Read More

Amuse-Bouche Swap

I signed up for the December Phat Quarter swap despite being completely swamped with Christmas crafting. And in typical fashion, I signed up without any ideas at all of what I would do. According to the swap page: What is an amuse-bouche? It’s a scrumptious little hors d’oeuvre. A stand-alone treat for your taste buds. Literally, one could translate it from the French as a “mouth amusement.” In our stitchy case, let’s define it as a tiny visual (rather than a taste) treat. Josh suggested that the laser cut pendants fit the description quite well, so I ... Read More

Phat Quarter Swap – Five

I participated in my second Phat Quarter swap, this time the theme was "five." I did the science swap back in May, and I was excited to do another. I signed up right away but had absolutely no idea what to do so I kept putting off working on it. The deadline was getting closer and closer so I finally made a decision to do five separate pieces. My swap partner said she liked birds so I decided to do a series of them. ... Read More

What I Got in the Swap

I never showed off what I got for the Phat Quarter swap from Madeleine of Unexpected Kitty. I finally hung it up last week. My piece came all the way from the UK, and I was so excited when I opened the envelope and saw the Tesla Tower! The embroidery is fantastic and I love the beading on it too. You can check out Madeleine's Flickr. And here is her blog post about it. ... Read More

My First Craft Swap!

I've wanted to do a Phat Quarter swap for years but always managed to miss the sign up. So when I saw the reminder on Mr. X Stitch, I was determined not to miss this time. And I couldn't have been more thrilled when I saw the theme was "Blinded by Science." It took me forever to decide on a design, there were just too many possibilities. I kept coming back to doing the solar system on black fabric. Josh made the pattern for me and he tried to make the planets as accurate size-wise as possible. I haven't received my swap piece yet, but I can't wait to see it! ... Read More