Toddler Craft – Paper Plate Bird

We are part of a group that does toddler craft exchanges (see what I have made for past exchanges here and here). This month has been so crazy and the exchange totally snuck up on me so I had to pick something easy. What you need: Paper plate - cut in half Hole punch Pipe cleaners Feathers Markers, crayons, or paint Eyeballs Glue Construction paper I based this bird off the Pigeon craft we did for Evie's party, but added a little extra to the project like feathers and legs! Use your markers, crayons, paint, or whatever else you'd like to decorate ... Read More

Phat Quarter Swap – Five

I participated in my second Phat Quarter swap, this time the theme was "five." I did the science swap back in May, and I was excited to do another. I signed up right away but had absolutely no idea what to do so I kept putting off working on it. The deadline was getting closer and closer so I finally made a decision to do five separate pieces. My swap partner said she liked birds so I decided to do a series of them. ... Read More