Virtual Busy Bag Swap – Sock Matching Game

I've done some busy bag exchanges in the past, but my ideas are always a bit limited because I have to make so many of them. So when Stephanie from Swoodson Says suggested a virtual busy bag exchange, I was really excited. I would just have to come up with an idea for a single busy bag, so I could put a lot of effort into making a super awesome one. And I might have gone a little overboard... What You Need: Clothespins Clothesline (I found one at the Dollar Tree. I tried to use thinner twine I had around but it wasn't thick enough for the clothespins to stay ... Read More

Fabric Flower Cards

I participated in another toddler craft swap and brought these fabric flower cards. I got the idea from a project we did at storytime and decided it would be perfect to make as Mother's Day cards. I gave everyone enough to make two cards and it was a great way to use up some of my scraps! When we did the project at storytime it was on a full sheet of paper and there were two flowers. The cards were 5x7" and I decided two flowers would be too small for the 2-3 year olds. There would have been a lot of little pieces, so I just did one larger one. The outer circle ... Read More

Toddler Craft – Paper Plate Bird

We are part of a group that does toddler craft exchanges (see what I have made for past exchanges here and here). This month has been so crazy and the exchange totally snuck up on me so I had to pick something easy. What you need: Paper plate - cut in half Hole punch Pipe cleaners Feathers Markers, crayons, or paint Eyeballs Glue Construction paper I based this bird off the Pigeon craft we did for Evie's party, but added a little extra to the project like feathers and legs! Use your markers, crayons, paint, or whatever else you'd like to decorate ... Read More

My first busy bag exchange

I have a huge to do list of the things I hope to accomplish before the new baby gets here. One of the big ones is that I've wanted to make busy bags for Evie. Things that are simple enough that she can keep herself entertained if I have my hands full and can't get to her right away. I had some ideas stashed away on Pinterest, but hadn't gotten around to any of them. Then I got invited to participate in a toddler busy bag swap. It was perfect. I'd get 10 activities, and I'd only have to come up with one project. I liked the ideas on this blog, and decided to do ... Read More