Busy Bag Exchange #2

We did another busy bag exchange, so I figured I’d share my project.

I could not decide what to make this time, I was extremely indecisive. The exchange was on a Monday, the Saturday before I finally settled on this magnetic fishing game.

I loved the matching color game I made last time, but it ended up taking so much longer than I expected. Since this time I had to make the bags with two kids, I didn’t want to go too crazy.

It helped that I have a stockpile of different colors of felt, and we had a few bags of 5/8″ washers. So I drew a base fish and got started.
20130709-194823.jpgI used hot glue and secured the washer down. Then I ran a line around the outside of the fish and put the two sides together before finally gluing the tail.
20130710-125156.jpgNext I made the fishing poles. I was going to use dowels, but decided the pencils were easier because I wouldn’t have to cut anything. I originally just glued the two magnets together with the yarn in the middle. It worked, but it wasn’t as good of a target because the flat part of the magnet had to make contact for it to really stick. Since this was for toddlers, Josh helped me reconfigure it to work better.
20130712-215937.jpg The left is the original design, right is the final product.
20130712-220006.jpg We still glued the yarn in between the two magnets, then wrapped it around, kind of like we were wrapping a present.
20130712-220257.jpg Each kit had three fish and a pole. I think they turned out pretty cute. Evie liked helping.


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