DIY Christmas Terrarium

We don't have a lot of Christmas decorations besides ornaments and stockings. Every year I hope to remedy that, but I never really make the things I hope to. I'm determined to change that this year! I saw this tutorial on Pinterest to make a sea salt terrarium and it seemed like a great place to start. I used Crayola Model Magic instead of polymer clay. I bought the clay and intended on using it, but when I realized how small my trees were, it just seemed easier to use an air drying clay and paint it. I put a bit of wire into the bottom of the trees to help them ... Read More

My first busy bag exchange

I have a huge to do list of the things I hope to accomplish before the new baby gets here. One of the big ones is that I've wanted to make busy bags for Evie. Things that are simple enough that she can keep herself entertained if I have my hands full and can't get to her right away. I had some ideas stashed away on Pinterest, but hadn't gotten around to any of them. Then I got invited to participate in a toddler busy bag swap. It was perfect. I'd get 10 activities, and I'd only have to come up with one project. I liked the ideas on this blog, and decided to do ... Read More

Button monogram

The majority of the things I pin on Pinterest never actually happen. However, this was one of the few that I actually got done. This was the original project and I wanted one for Evie’s room. It was pretty easy to do, but I did burn myself quite a bit with the hot glue at first. So I got a cheap pair of tweezers and used those to help position the buttons, which saved my fingers a lot of pain. ... Read More

Fabric Organization Fun

I’ve been attempting to get all of my art supplies and craft stuff more organized.  This was a mini project I tackled that made a big difference. I had seen these fabric organizers on Pinterest and I liked the idea but figured I’d just cut my own pieces of cardboard some time.  However, my friend Cassidy had the idea to use comic book boards instead.  I bought a pack of 100 for $9.99 at my local comic book store, but you can get them on Amazon.  They aren’t as thick as the ones I originally saw, and they are a little shorter, but they get the job done.  It freed up ... Read More

Pinterest Fail

So this is the story of my failed craft project. Over on Pinterest, I saw a tutorial on dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid ice cubes.  I loved the look of the finished yarn and it seemed like a project that Evie would have fun helping me with.  I had the brilliant idea to dye embroidery floss instead since I cross stitch much more than I knit or crochet. I bought 11 different flavors of Kool-Aid and made two trays of ice cubes.  A friend and her daughter came over to join in, and she dyed wool yarn like the tutorial calls for.  Her’s turned out great… mine not so much.  I ... Read More