Pinterest Fail

So this is the story of my failed craft project.

Over on Pinterest, I saw a tutorial on dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid ice cubes.  I loved the look of the finished yarn and it seemed like a project that Evie would have fun helping me with.  I had the brilliant idea to dye embroidery floss instead since I cross stitch much more than I knit or crochet.

I bought 11 different flavors of Kool-Aid and made two trays of ice cubes.  A friend and her daughter came over to join in, and she dyed wool yarn like the tutorial calls for.  Her’s turned out great… mine not so much.  I don’t blame the tutorial at all, this was entirely my fault.

I think my first mistake was splitting it into three different containers.  I thought by doing that I could use different colors and have different results.  However, that isn’t what happened.  Since the thread is significantly smaller than a skein of yarn, there wasn’t enough surface area for this to work.  So instead of getting the neat variegated effect, I just got all the colors bleeding together.

Also, the thread is cotton and not wool, so I think that also created issues.  Apparently cotton doesn’t hold dye as well, which you can see by the final photo of all the pale pink thread I am left with.

Thankfully this was an extremely cheap craft to try.  I spent $2 on Kool-Aid and bought a handful of $.35 white embroidery flosses and in return I got some pink, slightly fruity thread.  Well, at least my friend got some cute yarn out of it.

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