Some Laser Cut Candy Canes!

I made some laser cut candy cane ornaments, I think they are so adorable!

For the small one I used the Kreinik blending filament and it worked perfectly. It’s really thin and intended to be used in addition to other thread, but it works perfectly alone on the laser cut pendants. I wasn’t if it would be too thin, but I was really impressed how strong the filament was. I kept expecting it to snap but I didn’t have any issues at all. You can buy a kit for the small candy cane in my Etsy shop, but it comes with red thread, not the blending filament.
Evie really wanted to put up the Christmas tree but we aren’t quite ready for that. But we did get her a little tree for her room and we set that up. There aren’t kits for the big candy canes, but you can buy blanks on Etsy from Jennifer at Beadeux.
I’ve been doing quite a few Christmas projects that I’ll be showing off soon. And I’ve been working on a lot of Christmas presents which I won’t be showing off until after they’ve been given to the recipients! I’m getting very excited for Christmas, I blame the snow we got this week!
And don’t forget all the other laser cut cross stitch kits you can buy! They would make a great Christmas present!

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