What I’ve Been Up To – Craft Fair Edition

I've still been plugging away at making Christmas gifts, but I've been taking some breaks to make some new products for a craft fair. December 7 I will have a booth at the Nido Winter Market in Aurora Illinois. Originally I didn't plan on making anything new, I have a ton of cross stitches and a handful of cross stitch pendants. But I just couldn't resist, especially since I have a bunch of Dandelyne mini embroidery hoops just begging to be filled. I also got some hexagon pendants from Beadeux that I am playing with different designs for. I also decided to make ... Read More

Just a Little Update

I'm in an awkward place right now with my blog. See, I'm actually on top of Christmas gifts this year, I've already finished four of them. I don't think I started making any gifts until November last year, so I am feeling extremely accomplished. Plus I'm working on my project for the Crafty Christmas link up that Laura from Bugs and Fishes is organizing. If you're interested, check out the information here! While I'm feeling super accomplished because of everything I've been making, it's also a lot of things I can't really show off yet. Not all of the gift ... Read More

Lots of Exciting Things Happening!

I got a comment on my Facebook page from Pam, moderator for Craftster, writer for Feeling Stitchy, CraftGossip, about.com, and all around swell lass. She let me know what I was added to the list of about.com Modern Cross Stitch Designers! I was floored and absolutely thrilled! And shortly after I found this out I got an email that two separate projects had been accepted to CraftGawker! I've submitted projects to them in the past and they've been rejected, so this was beyond exciting! You can see both my felt bunny embroidery hoop and my dandelion puff embroidery. ... Read More

Some Sherlock Cross Stitching and an ORT Update

I am working on the Wee Little Stitches Sherlock pattern. An Instagram friend is making me an amazing needle book and I am making this cross stitch for her in exchange. I've never done any of the Wee Little Stitches patterns before but it's really well done. I've been slowly filling my ORT jar. There's a lot of rainbow colored bits from the French knot color wheel and quite a bit from the doodle stitch along. You can read more about the ORT jar and the TUSAL here. ... Read More

May TUSAL Update

I always love seeing the ORT jar growing, it tells a story of all the stitching I've been doing. There's a lot of thread from two cross stitch projects that I can't show off until they make their way to their new homes. One is headed to the UK for the &stitches swap and the other is going to a friend in Canada. There's also a lot of threads from basting hexagons. I have a pouch that I keep all my hexagon supplies in and I leave all my ORTs in there. It's a satisfying feeling to pull out a big tangle of thread and add it to the jar. I like that this jar is a ... Read More

April ORT Update & Doodle Stitchalong News

There is something so satisfying about seeing a jar filling up, showing that progress. I don't feel like my jar has been filling as quickly as last year, I've been doing a lot of different projects besides just cross stitching. But it's still early in the year. I keep a little pouch with me that I shove all my thread pieces into and then periodically transfer them into my ORT jar. This is a couple week's worth of projects. You can read more about the TUSAL here. The awesome Kittykill over at Craftster has collaborated with me for the Doodle ... Read More

TUSAL – 2014 Edition!

Last year I took part in It's Daffycat's Totally Useless Stitchalong. (TUSAL) I missed the last update in December and never showed off my year of thread, so here it is now. I can't bring myself to throw it away, so I've been keeping it until I decide what to do with it. And now it's 2014 and I have a new ORT (old ratty threads) jar. I haven't stitched a ton this year, so it's not very exciting yet. Right now there is a lot of thread pieces from my hexagon sewing. There's something about a big jar of thread scraps that is so satisfying! You can see all the TUSAL ... Read More

TUSAL, Part 8

I didn't do a totally useless stitch along update last month, but my jar is pretty packed. I'm still rocking the same jar and I've just been squishing it down, so it's really full. I've been trying to think of something to do with it at the end of the year. I thought about maybe making a little plush of some sort and stuffing it with the ORTs. Any other suggestions of what I could use it for? It is pretty nice to just look at, so colorful! ... Read More