A Little Birthday Gift Sewing

Friday was Evie's fifth birthday and we had an incredible weekend of celebrations. My cousin has the same birthday and sent Evie a super awesome birthday package and I decided it was time to make a little something for her. I have been sewing a lot more lately but haven't tackled a zipper in awhile. I've been wanting to try making zipper tabs because I knew it looks cleaner, and I also wanted to make a boxy pouch that can stand. I attempted one of these a few months ago and failed spectacularly, so I was a bit nervous. I used this tutorial from Jedi Craft ... Read More

A Stitchy Baby Gift

I really love making handmade gifts, especially when I can add a personal touch that you couldn't get from something store bought. Some friends work at Disney and announced their pregnancy with an adorable video that featured a Mickey ears hat with the due date. I saw the video and immediately knew I wanted to make them something with the ears and the baby's name. They started posting photos of her nursery which was painted with hot air balloons. I drew up a design that included them and used the nursery color scheme. Projects like this always remind me how ... Read More

Vow Renewal Gifts!

This past weekend my sister and brother-in-law had a 10 year vow renewal celebration. Their wedding 10 years ago was at the courthouse so this was their first chance to have a big celebration and I really wanted to make something special for it. I loved how the recipe box that Jen from 52Lasers cut for Josh's sister's wedding shower, so I knew I wanted to make one for my sister and brother-in-law. I sent messages to everyone coming and collected recipes for them and then made matching recipe cards with all of them. I also knew I wanted to make an embroidery for ... Read More

Gifts I Made – New York Cross Stitches

My mother in law loves New York City, so last year I decided to make her a cross stitch of the Statue of Liberty for Christmas. I chose colors that were very similar and while I loved how it looked, I hated working on it and wasn't going to finish in time for Christmas. So I switched to a different gift idea and put it aside for a year. I revived the project and finished it for this Christmas. I ended up winging it because I had miscounted quite a few areas of the pattern. I'm really happy with how it turned out, I like it a lot. I also made another New York ... Read More

Internet Friend Birthday Gifts!

I really love the internet, one reason is because I have met some amazing people online. Jess from CraftingGeek sent me a birthday gift, she made me this awesome Yoshi cross stitch using water soluble canvas. She also sent me some fabric scraps for my hexagon quilt and some DMC color infusions threads. Seriously, how awesome is that? Well Jess's birthday was shortly after mine and I just sent her a very, very late birthday gift. I think I found Jess on Instagram because of her progress on the Legend of Zelda Dark World map cross stitch, and it only seemed ... Read More

Gifts to Say Goodbye

Evie's best friend Amelia is moving to Seattle today. They have been friends practically since birth and seeing them play together is the sweetest. Evie constantly asks me if we'll be seeing Amelia when we go out. And while I'm really sad for Evie losing her friend, I'm sad for myself as well! Amelia's mom has become a good friend of mine and it works out so well that our girls love each other so much! Their friendship has been such a big part of Evie's life and I really wanted to make some special gifts for Amelia to remember Evie by. I knew I wanted to make a ... Read More

Starting Christmas Gifts

I really love making Christmas gifts but I'm not great with time management. Last year I was finishing up a project on Christmas Eve and this year I am determined to avoid that. So in a completely uncharacteristic move, I've started Christmas gifts already. I haven't sat down and made a complete list of what I want to make, but I have started a couple things and that's a huge step for me. Have you started thinking about Christmas gifts? How early do you start planning? ... Read More

Wedding Gift Embroidery

Over the weekend I attended my sister-in-law's bridal shower and my cousin's wedding. I made embroideries for both events, and I am so excited to finally be able to show off what I made! The font for the names is Lobster Two which you can download for free. I love this font, especially for things with names. It's the same one I used for the purple work Christmas gift I made for my sister. My initial thought was to satin stitch the type, but I worried about my ability to keep it looking neat and even. So instead I used a split stitch outline. I like the ... Read More