A Possible Quilt?

So I keep mentioning my desire to make a quilt. I’ve never made one before but I am obsessed with looking at quilts on Pinterest and Instagram, and I got Quilting Happiness for my birthday and I’m currently reading a review copy of Modern One-Block Quilts.

I think part of my fascination with quilts is that they remind me of large scale cross stitches. A lot of the different quilt squares could easily translate to cross stitches, and some of my geometric cross stitches could be made into a quilt.
Well, I pulled out a box of sewing things the other day and came across a huge stack of triangles I had cut out a year ago with the intention of starting a quilt and then abandoned. I’m on the hunt now for the perfect beginning project to use these triangles for. I have quite a few already cut out in a nice variety of colors and patterns that all work well together.
I also picked up this pack of hexagons because I really want to try out English paper piecing. I know plenty of templates exist online that you can download and cut out yourself, but I am too lazy for that. The fact that I can’t even be bothered to cut out paper hexagons might be a bad sign of my ability to complete a whole EPP quilt, but I’m sure going to try!

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