Handmade Christmas – Purplework Name

Here's the next in the series of Christmas gifts I made and one that I'm really happy with the result of. I made this during the &Stitches colorwork challenge and I absolutely loved working on it. I have always worked on 14ct. Aida, and this was my first foray into using 18ct. I used a slightly darker purple for the outline and then a lighter shade for the actual blackwork. I was torn between using different patterns or keeping the same one. I wanted to experiment and use different patterns, but I worried it wouldn't work because of the letters being joined on the ... Read More

Try it Tuesday – Sharpie Mug

I mentioned that this year I put Evie to work making Christmas gifts. One of the things she made was a Sharpie mug, which I've seen floating around Pinterest for months now. There are so many different tutorials, but they are all pretty standard, here's a good one from Somewhat Simple. A Beautiful Mess has a cute version too. This was actually a recent Try it Tuesday project over at Trends with Benefits, the Try it Tuesday pioneers! We went to Michael's and she picked out pink, purple, and blue Sharpies for this mug for her grandpa. They aren't the most manly ... Read More

Holiday Shipping Deadline

If you wanted to buy some handmade cross stitched goodies for Christmas gifts, you still have time! But not much, so hurry! Saturday December 14 is the last day to place your order to get it in time to get it for Christmas. There's tons of stuff in my shop, but here are some of my favorites! Rainbow Chevron Cross Stitch Necklace White, Grey, and Turquoise Geometric Heart Cross Stitch Hoop Pink Kitchen Mixer Cross Stitch Rainbow Cloud Pendant Cross Stitch Kit Framed Rainbow Chevron Cross Stitch Striped Drop Cross Stitch Necklace Bow Tie Pendant Cross Stitch ... Read More

Curious George Cross Stitch!

Evie's friend recently turned 3 and was having a Curious George birthday party, so I decided to make him a cross stitch. Unfortunately, it took much longer than I expected and it was a couple weeks late. I thought it turned out really cute, but it makes me nervous to give gifts that I've made. When he opened it he kissed it, so I think it's safe to say he liked it! ... Read More

Housewarming Cross Stitch!

I had an idea for a new cross stitch pattern I wanted to try out, and a housewarming gift for my friend Teresa seemed like the perfect project to try it out. I asked her for color ideas and she said robin's egg blue, canary yellow, and gray which I absolutely loved for this. Teresa has a blog, Daisies for Violet, where you can see her awesome crochet projects. You should also go like her Facebook page. And you can get this pattern to make your own over at Etsy. ... Read More

Another Free Cross Stitch Pattern!

In honor of the new patterns I have listed to sell over at Etsy, I'm giving you all a free pattern! Here is a PDF pattern for a floppy disk. Fun fact, this was the first pattern Josh ever made me and the first cross stitch project I ever did. The pattern is for 14 ct fabric and when done fits in a 5x7" frame. Enjoy! Free Disk Pattern And you can still download the two Bloggess patterns here. ... Read More

Free Bloggess Cross Stitch Patterns

On the two occasions that The Bloggess has made her way to Illinois, I've made her a cross stitch (read more about this here and here.) I briefly considered putting these patterns up on my Etsy shop, but it felt weird to make money off The Bloggess. So instead I am giving them to you all for FREE as a gift because I love you all so much. Both cross stitch patterns are for 14ct Aida fabric. The Hugs quote fits in a 5" x 7" frame, the Unicorn Success Club fits in an 8" x 10" frame. So go ahead, download and get stitching! Send me photos if you complete one, I'd love ... Read More