Handmade Christmas – Purplework Name

Here’s the next in the series of Christmas gifts I made and one that I’m really happy with the result of. I made this during the &Stitches colorwork challenge and I absolutely loved working on it. I have always worked on 14ct. Aida, and this was my first foray into using 18ct. I used a slightly darker purple for the outline and then a lighter shade for the actual blackwork.
I was torn between using different patterns or keeping the same one. I wanted to experiment and use different patterns, but I worried it wouldn’t work because of the letters being joined on the font I chose.
In the end I decided it would get too boring to only use one pattern, so I mixed it up. I used patterns from these free PDF downloads of Ensamplario Atlantio at String-Or-Nothing.
I really enjoyed doing the blackwork and definitely plan on doing more. At first I had a hard time figuring out the logical way to follow the pattern, but I would quickly get into the groove.
I was worried it was a bad idea to do such a large gift (it’s 8×10) in a completely new technique, but thankfully it worked out well. Have you had any successful attempts trying a new skill lately?


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    Love it! I get a huge kick out of seeing what mischief the pattern children get up to out there in the wide, wide world. Your LEON is prime. You’ve made my day! Thanks, -Kbsalazar

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