Upcycled Kreinik Bird Feeder

A while back on Twitter, Dena from Kreinik posted asking if anyone had any ideas for how to use these black tubes.

They are used in thread production for dyeing and washing thread and they found boxes in the warehouse that weren’t going to be used.

My first thought was something for birds, either a bird feeder or using it for yarn scraps for birds to use in nests. So I did both and Evie was very happy to help.
For the bird feeder I spread peanut butter all over the tube. I’ve done this with toilet paper rolls and it worked the same for these. After it was covered, Evie rolled the tube in birdseed. I put a piece of yarn through and tied it on the top and hung it from a branch.
For the yarn scraps, I cut pieces that were 4-6″. I had a ton of small scraps from my plastic canvas blocks, so this was the perfect way to use them. I stuffed them all into the tube and then used a small crochet hook to pull the thread through the holes so the birds could get the yarn out.

I have two more of these tubes, I’m trying to think of another interesting project. If I can’t think of anything, I’ll just make another couple bird feeders!


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    Love it! I’m going to make a feeder with my girls this weekend, super idea, thank you! Chrissie x ps I wonder if you could cross stitch on those tubes? I know the holes are rather wide, but maybe…

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    What fab ideas 🙂 Could you use one of those long curved mattress needles and thicker yarn for Chrissie’s idea?… it doesn’t have to be cross stitched… you could perhaps create a mesh with yarn sewing from one side to the other in such a way that it creates a fabric on the outside that could then be embroidered on.
    Tracey xxx

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      Hmm, I will have to play around! I have one idea for it that doesn’t involve stitching at all… We’ll see how it goes! 🙂


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