Upcycled Kreinik Bird Feeder

A while back on Twitter, Dena from Kreinik posted asking if anyone had any ideas for how to use these black tubes. https://twitter.com/KreinikGirl/status/443473864291799040 They are used in thread production for dyeing and washing thread and they found boxes in the warehouse that weren't going to be used. My first thought was something for birds, either a bird feeder or using it for yarn scraps for birds to use in nests. So I did both and Evie was very happy to help. For the bird feeder I spread peanut butter all over the tube. I've done this with toilet ... Read More

Michaels – Create Squares, Warm Lives

I was heading back to the embroidery floss area in my local Michaels when this sign caught my eye. There is a bin with 7 inch x 9 inch rectangles that people have made for Warm Up America.Next week after Christmas is over, I plan on grabbing some yarn and getting to work making some squares. Last year I got The Knitting Book and I've pinned a ton of different crochet stitches I've wanted to play around with. This seems like a perfect opportunity to experiment and learn some new knit and crochet stitches while also helping out a great cause! Has anyone made any ... Read More