A Raccoon Button!

I made another button! I'm still not sure what my plan for these is, but I was playing around with some graph paper the other day and drew this guy. It was slightly too big for the buttons I got for the flower I made, so I got the next size up. I also picked up a pack of smaller ones. I just want to make a ton of buttons, I think they are adorable. Plus if I make enough, maybe I'll eventually think of something to do with them. ... Read More

A Little Flowered Button

I first got the idea of making these buttons from Sarah Fordham of Magasin. I've since seen some other cross Stitchers who make them, but I hadn't even realized such a thing existed. After some quick googling I found that Joann Fabrics sold a kit to make them for just a few dollars. They had a ton of different sizes but I went with the 1 1/8". I've had these for months and the other night I decided to finally make one. I knew it wouldn't take long, I was able to finish this up during an episode of Walking Dead. I used a flower motif from one of the patterns in the ... Read More