Bows and Hair Ties!

I’ve been meaning to show off these bows for a couple weeks now, and then I made these hair ties. I’ve been finishing up some secret projects I’m not ready to show off, so this seemed like a perfect chance to show it all of it off.

I had been wanting to make Evie some bow barrettes for awhile and my friend Teresa made this awesome bow pattern which you can buy on Ravelry.


Then I tried out this pattern out and made two more bows, because they were insane easy to make and you can never have enough bows.



Evie insists on the bow going in her hair straight across so she looks like Minnie Mouse.

Then my friend Jackie sells this elastic on eBay and sent me a bunch. When I got the package, I immediately set to work making these hair ties.
I love these for my hair and they are so much more comfortable to wear around my wrist than those old black elastic bands I used to use. I made some for myself and then made a set for Evie too. I made the ones for Evie 7 inches and the ones for me 9 inches. I did the extra step of using a lighter to singe the edges, though I got a little overzealous and burned a few. Evie tends to pull out hair ties, so I love that these won’t snag on her hair when she yanks it out.

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