Book Review – Stitch the Halls

I received a copy of Stitch the Halls! by Sophie Simpson of What Delilah Did and it's lovely! I have had Sophie's first book, Storyland Cross Stitch: 15 Projects and a Free Gift for Your Stitching Pleasure, on my wish list since it came out but I haven't gotten it yet. After seeing Stitch the Halls, I might pull the trigger and finally get my copy! There are 12 holiday projects in Stitch the Halls and there is a great mix of more classic projects and more modern ones. The patterns are really well designed and so many of them can be used outside of Christmas ... Read More

Book Review – Mollie Makes Patchwork

Mollie Makes has consistently produced extremely quality craft books and their newest patchwork book is as amazing as you would expect! Each project has a "patchwork story" telling where the designer came up with the project. These stories are in other Mollie Makes books as well, and I really love the personal touch it adds. One of the things I love best about the Mollie Makes series of books is how accessible they make them for any skill level. The book does such a great job providing a wide variety of different projects showcasing a huge selection of ... Read More

Flossy Embroidery Bobbins by sugarcookie

I got an email recently from Missy, the amazingly talented lady behind sugarcookie. She asked me if I would be interested in trying out her Flossy bobbins and I couldn't have been more excited! I've seen them around before and always thought they were so cute! Well, they are even cuter in person, if that's even possible! Missy sent Flossy the Fawn and Flossy the Dachshund. I'm working on a couple projects that only need one color floss, so I quickly wound them with the thread. I don't know why, but I had it in my head that these would be thinner, kind ... Read More

Book Review and Giveaway – Paperplay

Despite having an entire Pinterest board dedicated to paper crafts, I usually shy away from actually making things with paper. Papercrafts from Shannon Miller is an amazing collection of projects and I have a couple that I've added to my to do list! There is an extremely detailed introduction going through the different materials and tools. The whole section is littered with tips and tricks that are definitely worth reading, the information is really valuable. The projects are split into seven different categories - fold, cut, sculpt, quill, stitch, draw ... Read More

Book Review – Mollie Makes: Embroidery

Mollie Makes is a well known name in the craft community, and there's a good reason for it. Mollie Makes constantly produces original and high quality content. How cute is this kitty cat tea cozy by Samantha Stas? I have all the other Mollie Makes books (I reviewed the Woodland Friends and Christmas books) and they are all really fantastic. But when I saw that they were releasing an embroidery book, I was thrilled! It does not disappoint at all, it quickly shot it's way to the top of my favorite embroidery books list. I loved this silk ribbon embroidered ... Read More

Book Review – Amigurumi at Home

I've been doing a lot more crocheting lately because I am trying to finish Mira's blanket. I try to limit my yarn projects I have at any given time because I'm not as good about finishing them as I am with embroideries and cross stitches. However, once I finish this blanket I am going to be making something from Ana Paula Rimoli's new book Amigurumi at Home: Crochet Playful Pillows, Rugs, Baskets, and More. This book has an amazing selection of really unique patterns, there isn't a single granny square to be found. But there is a cupcake rug, a tooth pillow, a robot ... Read More

Book Review – New Tatting: Modern Lace Motifs and Projects

I have been curious about tatting, the art of creating lace by looping threads together with a tool called a shuttle, for some time now and as luck would have it, I was given the opportunity to review Tomoko Morimoto's new book, "New Tatting: Modern Lace Motifs and Projects". The book is simply gorgeous and all of the projects have a really fun and modern flair. With knowledge passed down from her mother (famous Japanese tatter Teiko Fujito,) Morimoto has taken the traditional craft in new and exciting directions. It should be mentioned that tatting is difficult! ... Read More

X Stitch – Book Review

The UK seems way ahead of America with needle craft trends. There are so many amazing embroiderers and cross stitchers in the UK and one that I've admired for a long time is Sarah Fordham. I was so excited when she wrote her first book X Stitch, and even more excited when I received a review copy! Sarah shows that cross stitching can be fun and different and doesn't have to be traditional samplers, you can do so much with cross stitch! I love these graph paper drawn images of the different cross stitching supplies. Sarah does a great job adding in her own humor and ... Read More