Book Review – All Points Patchwork

Storey sent me a review copy of this book but I mean every word of this review, I seriously cannot stop raving about this book!    I usually love getting eBooks but every once in awhile there's a gorgeous book that you just have to hold and have a physical copy of. All Points Patchwork*Edit  by Diane Gilleland is that book for me. Diane is directly responsible for my English paper piecing addiction and I couldn't thank her enough for that. She has been there so many times to answer questions and help me trouble shoot ... Read More

One Time I Made An Airplane Quiet Book

When Evie was about 18 months old we went on a trip to California and I made this airplane busy book for the trip. It was the first busy book I've ever made and I wanted show it off, even though the project is years old and I would do a lot of things differently if I made it now. I wanted all the pages to be different aspects of travel so I started with a suitcase. The suitcase zips and inside are some different pieces of clothing that can be put on the little girl. Now I mentioned I would have done things differently, the biggest thing is that I would ... Read More

Book Review – A to Z of Embroidery Stitches

I love the simplicity of cross stitch, you make a row of diagonal lines going one way and then you go back the other way. It's easy to get into a rhythm because it's all the same, over and over. But embroidery is a whole different ballgame, there are tons of stitches. Apparently, far more than I even realized because A-Z of Embroidery Stitches* is full of ones I've never even heard of! I had a hard time even getting a photo of the contents pages listing all the stitches, there are so many! I counted and there are 84 different stitches listed, and that doesn't even ... Read More

Book Review – Stitch Love

I have been eagerly awaiting Stitch Love from Mollie Johanson since I first heard about it months ago! Mollie is the amazingly talented lady behind Wild Olive and someone I am pleased to call my friend. The other weekend Mollie and I went out to breakfast and she gave me a copy of her book and it is so unbelievably adorable, I immediately knew I needed to make a project for Evie. Evie picked this super cute whale purse which was perfect, I've been wanting to make her a purse for awhile. Whenever we go on a walk she always picks up treasures that I end up having ... Read More

Book Review – Present Perfect

I first found out about Betz White from the While She Naps podcast and I began following her blog and her work is amazing. She is so incredibly multitalented and her new book Present Perfect does a great job displaying all her different skills into a series of projects. The projects in Present Perfect 25 Gifts to Sew & Bestow are a bit more complicated so Betz White suggests starting off as a "confident beginner." There are 25 really great and well laid out projects in the book, but don't get it if you're looking for a resource on how to sew. You should definitely ... Read More

Book Review – Stitch the Halls

I received a copy of Stitch the Halls! by Sophie Simpson of What Delilah Did and it's lovely! I have had Sophie's first book, Storyland Cross Stitch: 15 Projects and a Free Gift for Your Stitching Pleasure, on my wish list since it came out but I haven't gotten it yet. After seeing Stitch the Halls, I might pull the trigger and finally get my copy! There are 12 holiday projects in Stitch the Halls and there is a great mix of more classic projects and more modern ones. The patterns are really well designed and so many of them can be used outside of Christmas ... Read More

Book Review – Mollie Makes Patchwork

Mollie Makes has consistently produced extremely quality craft books and their newest patchwork book is as amazing as you would expect! Each project has a "patchwork story" telling where the designer came up with the project. These stories are in other Mollie Makes books as well, and I really love the personal touch it adds. One of the things I love best about the Mollie Makes series of books is how accessible they make them for any skill level. The book does such a great job providing a wide variety of different projects showcasing a huge selection of ... Read More

Book Review and Giveaway – Paperplay

Despite having an entire Pinterest board dedicated to paper crafts, I usually shy away from actually making things with paper. Papercrafts from Shannon Miller is an amazing collection of projects and I have a couple that I've added to my to do list! There is an extremely detailed introduction going through the different materials and tools. The whole section is littered with tips and tricks that are definitely worth reading, the information is really valuable. The projects are split into seven different categories - fold, cut, sculpt, quill, stitch, draw ... Read More