Cross Stitched Name Hoops!

Cross Stitched Name Hoops by Hugs are Fun
When I was pregnant with Evie I started posting on the September 2010 birth forums at TheBump and “met” a lot of other soon to be new moms. When our babies were all born we migrated to a Facebook group and almost four years later we are all still close.

Ruth was one of the moms I met on TheBump and I actually got the chance to meet her in person. Her son Elijah is the same age as Evie and her daughter Ani is a little older than Mira.

I have been meaning to send them a package full of handmade goodies for months but only got around to it last week. I’ve had the cross stitches done for weeks but was avoiding the ironing and finishing them in hoops, it’s my least favorite part.
Cross Stitched Name Hoops by Hugs are Fun
Cross Stitched Name Hoops by Hugs are Fun
I designed the little bunny and turtles myself and stitched them onto a quilting cotton using water soluble canvas. I love how these turned out and I want to make a couple of them for Evie and Mira too!
Cross Stitched Name Hoops by Hugs are Fun
I also sent along this laser cut acrylic bracelet for Ruth. I have a bunch of these I keep meaning to list on Etsy, they are some of my favorite cross stitch jewelry I’ve made.


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    Cute! I love the turtle. What water soluble canvas do you use? I have a huge roll of waste canvas I need to use up before I can justify buying any water soluble, but oh my goodness, it would be a lot less tedious! 🙂

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      I use DMC brand water soluble canvas. I’m not sure if there are any other brands available, it’s the only one I’ve seen. Waste canvas is a lot cheaper but yes, it is so tedious!

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