Cross Stitched Name Hoops!

When I was pregnant with Evie I started posting on the September 2010 birth forums at TheBump and "met" a lot of other soon to be new moms. When our babies were all born we migrated to a Facebook group and almost four years later we are all still close. Ruth was one of the moms I met on TheBump and I actually got the chance to meet her in person. Her son Elijah is the same age as Evie and her daughter Ani is a little older than Mira. I have been meaning to send them a package full of handmade goodies for months but only got around to it last week. I've had the ... Read More

Decisions, Decisions…

Months and months ago I bought this tiny embroidery hoop from Dandelyne on Etsy. I was really excited but like so many other times I buy cool things, I get nervous to use them. I feel like I'm not going to come up with a good enough project to do them justice. I finally decided I just needed to stitch something up for this hoop so I can make it into a necklace. I stitched up a couple possible designs and I can't decide. I've ruled out the spider, (though Evie requested I make it into a necklace for her) so it's between the bird and the flower. I'm leaning towards ... Read More