Fabric Acquisitions

20130820-212059.jpgI usually go to either Michael’s or Hobby Lobby when I need craft supplies. They are closer than Jo-Ann’s and usually get the job done. The other day though I ended up in Jo-Ann’s after a failed Hobby Lobby trip and I couldn’t pull myself away from the fabric section.

I’ve been daydreaming about making a quilt, but know I just don’t need another craft. Browsing the fabrics there rekindled my interest. Maybe when I finally finish Evie’s blanket I’ll consider it.
But I still couldn’t leave empty handed, I just couldn’t resist getting these three. I have absolutely no idea what to do with them though, they were just too cute to pass up. 20130820-212242.jpg20130820-212257.jpg
So any ideas? I’ve been checking Pinterest but haven’t found the right project yet.

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