Flash Cards!

M is for Meteor Space Cross Stitch from Hugs are Fun
E is for Eclipse Space Cross Stitch from Hugs are Fun
There is a back to school flash card contest going on over at &stitches. I really wanted to enter and make flash cards for both girls to add to their ever growing monogram collection.

I’ve had so many other projects I needed to finish first that I only got around to starting these recently. I’m furiously stitching away at an attempt to finish a third flash card before the deadline tomorrow, we’ll see what happens with that. But here are the two I have finished.

Space Cross Stitch from Hugs are FunI knew I wanted to do a science theme and immediately started brainstorming options. I almost did E for electron and M for molecule, but in the end space won. I absolutely love how these turned out. Josh made the patterns for me and did such an awesome job. I plan on eventually completing the whole set, I’ve already started making a list of the words I want for each letter.
Space Cross Stitch from Hugs are Fun
Each card is 5×7″ and done on 14ct black Aida. The text is done with metallic Kreinik thread. I love the subtlety of the metallic for these, they are shiny without being distracting. They add just the right amount of shine for a spacey flash card.
Space Cross Stitch from Hugs are Fun
The blue thread on the eclipse card was the #4 fine thread and the meteor cars was the #8 very fine. Even though the very fine still felt strong and substantial, I think I preferred working with the slightly thicker. I am so thrilled with how these turned out and hopefully I’ll finish the third entry in time!
Space Cross Stitch from Hugs are Fun


  1. Cindy G. says

    I first saw the Eclipse on the &Stitches blog, and the next 3 over on Craftster so I had to come over and check out the details. I love that you’re stitching them against the blackness of space, too! I’m adding your blog to my blog reader list so I can keep an eye on the process (for however long it takes). Once the alphabet is completed, it would make an awesome pattern set, and I’d absolutely pick up cross-stitch again to make a set for my classroom (6th grade earth & space science).

    • says

      Thank you so much! It means so much to hear that, especially from a teacher! I am hoping to get started on more soon, I’ve been taking a break for some Christmas gift making!

  2. Amanda says

    These are fantastic! Do you plan on sharing or selling the patterns? I am a planetary geologist and would LOVE to have a space themed alphabet sampler.

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