Ice Cream Pencil Case Swap!

Ice Cream Pencil Case Swap! at Hugs are Fun
You might have noticed that I really, really love doing swaps. I keep saying I don’t have time for them or that I’m going to take a break, and I always end up signing up for more. I’m actually signed up for two more in the next couple months, I just can’t help myself!

The most recent swap I participated in was an ice cream themed one to send a pencil case. Each participant gave their favorite ice cream flavors (I can’t remember what I even said, I know green tea was on the list!) and sent their partner a package with a handmade pencil case and other ice cream related goodies. My partner hasn’t gotten her package yet (it had a long way to travel!) so I’m not going to show that off yet. But I got my package in the mail the other day and I could not have been more excited.

The hexagon pencil case is absolutely perfect! The stitched leaves on it add such a great detail and texture, and the colors of the hexagons work so well together. I always use patterned fabrics, but this pouch makes me think I need to experiment with the simplicity of solids.

Ice Cream Pencil Case Swap! at Hugs are Fun
Evie claimed the ice cream cone eraser for herself. All the little extras in the package are also great! I love the leaf note pads and the pencils are super cute too. The postcard is from IKEA and I want to frame it, it reminds me of some of the geometric cross stitches I’ve done.

Ice Cream Pencil Case Swap! at Hugs are Fun
I couldn’t even get a photo with everything in it together, Evie was too excited to open it all. She was a little disappointed when she found out that ice cream cone only contained a washcloth, but then she started using it as a blanket for her toys.

Ice Cream Pencil Case Swap! at Hugs are Fun

I love the mug rug and the amazing stitched leaves on it.

Ice Cream Pencil Case Swap! at Hugs are Fun

And how cute is this little zipper charm? And that little ice cream tag? I love it all!

Instagram is full of so many amazing swaps, it’s hard to restrain myself from signing up for all of them! Is there a swap addiction recovery group I can join? Does anyone else have trouble saying no to swaps?


  1. says

    I would love to join a few! I haven’t done one yet. Although, I don’t know. I would probably get addicted too. How do you find so many?! Also, green tea ice cream is THE BEST. My daughter steals washcloths and such to use for doll/stuffie blankets too. Too funny.

    • says

      I find them mainly through Instagram. does one for embroidery and cross stitch when there’s a 5th Friday in a month (which just so happens to be next week!) It’s on the Weave social media boards, so keep an eye there!

      But yeah, Instagram is my main place I find them. I actually have to keep myself from signing up for all of them, there are so many that sound fun!

      Mollie from Wild Olive participated in the ice cream swap and mentioned on her blog that she might be organizing a swap, so keep an eye there!

  2. texheks says

    I’m just reading this now, completely blushing…thank you…
    btw: You also had a mint and chocolate flavour on your list, hence the green and the leaves…

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