Ice Cream Pencil Case Swap – What I Sent

Last week I showed off the amazing package I got for the ice cream pencil case swap and now I can finally show what I sent! I sent a package to Julia all the way in Germany. She listed her favorite flavors as mint chocolate chip, chocolate, and vanilla. I really struggled to find fabric the right shade of mint, so many seemed too blue or too green. I found a few fabrics that fit the bill and I made some hexagons. I also used water soluble canvas to cross stitch little ice cream cones onto brown fabric. I decided to make it out of felt and got a chocolate ice ... Read More

Ice Cream Pencil Case Swap!

You might have noticed that I really, really love doing swaps. I keep saying I don't have time for them or that I'm going to take a break, and I always end up signing up for more. I'm actually signed up for two more in the next couple months, I just can't help myself! The most recent swap I participated in was an ice cream themed one to send a pencil case. Each participant gave their favorite ice cream flavors (I can't remember what I even said, I know green tea was on the list!) and sent their partner a package with a handmade pencil case and other ice cream ... Read More

Free Pattern Friday – ICE CREAM!

I am doing yet another swap, because I can't resist myself. This one is an ice cream themed pencil case swap, so I've had ice cream on the brain lately! So ice cream seemed like the perfect pattern for this month's Free Pattern Friday, who doesn't love ice cream in August? It can be customized with any colors so stitch up your favorite flavors! When done on 14ct, this should fit in a 6" hoop. Download the PDF here - Free Pattern Friday August 2014 There are more free patterns to download here, and patterns to purchase here at my Etsy. ... Read More