Mira’s Birth Story

Ok, if you don’t want to read about childbirth, stop now. If you’re just here for cross stitching, then just look ay this cute baby picture then move along.

Evie was born 5 days early and I’d heard that second babies come sooner. So for weeks I was ready for this baby. As my due date approached I got more frustrated and tried to force her out by any old wives tale possible. I hoped she would be born just to stop the onslaught of spicy foods. I found a recipe for labor cookies that sounded pretty good so we made some May 28. I ate far too many and felt kind of sick, so we watched some Arrested Development and I went to bed.

I woke up at midnight with contractions. They felt like the real deal, but I didn’t feel like it was time to get too excited yet. They were only 10 minutes apart, and I was in labor for 15 hours before Evie was born so I was expecting another long labor. I had been doing Hypnobabies and I tried to listen to a track but I was having such a hard time getting comfortable and I just couldn’t focus.
At a little after 2:00am the contractions were 6-7 minutes apart and we called Josh’s mom to have her come to watch Evie. She had an hour and a half drive and we figured by the time she got there we could head to the hospital. I took a shower and suddenly the contractions jumped to 3-4 minutes apart.
We started to get worried about waiting until his mom got here so we decide to wake Evie up and head to the hospital, which was a half hour away. So we dragged the poor child out of bed and the contractions kept getting closer together. Josh called 911 and while he was on the phone with them my water broke. An ambulance and fire truck quickly showed up and like 7 guys came in. The paramedic seemed ready to deliver the baby and I was absolutely freaking out at this point. Since he couldn’t see the baby’s head they put me on a stretcher and we headed to the hospital. Josh and Evie drove separate, and I was so scared the baby would be born in the ambulance without him there. One paramedic seemed really excited, the other seemed terrified by the situation. Josh told me later that as we were leaving the excited paramedic said “don’t worry, I delivered a baby last week.”
We went to the closest hospital which wasn’t the one I was supposed to deliver at. We got there and they had to go wake up a doctor so the nurses kept telling me to wait to push. An amazing nurse took Evie to another room to color and have a snack. I never saw her again but I was so thankful that Evie wasn’t there. Everything was so crazy and rushed. Since I wasn’t supposed to deliver there and my OBs weren’t affiliated with the hospital, they didn’t have any info about me. So I’m being asked questions about my blood type and group B strep test results, at the same time as they were trying to get my name and other info. The doctor showed up and like 10 minutes later Mira was born. She was face up and I had multiple doctors tell me that was the only reason she wasn’t born at home or in the ambulance. Her extremely painful position slowed her down enough to get to the hospital.
A quick breakdown of things. We called Josh’s mom at 2:15am at 6-7 minutes apart, at 3:00am we called 911 and my water broke, Mira was born at 3:31am. Barely over an hour to go from 6-7 minutes to having a baby.

It was definitely not at all what I expected, especially after Evie’s 15 hour labor. And even after six weeks, thinking back it all is so surreal and is hard to believe it really happened. It did though, I have the baby to prove it.


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    Oh the second baby is always really quick! My first took 3 days and my second took only a few hours. I’d have loved an hour labor for sure, but I’ll take anything less than a day. Haha. Congrats! Your baby is precious!

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      Yes, I had a lot of friends who’s second came so much faster! One friend had an accidental home birth, another had her baby in the hospital parking lot!

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