Now on Storenvy and a Coupon Code!

I’ve been wanting to start a shop at Storenvy for awhile now but haven’t had the motivation to do it. A bunch of people I follow on Twitter use Storenvy and there seems to be a really great community around it.
Storenvy Shop of Cross Stitch Patterns by Hugs are Fun
When I was writing my blog hop post on Monday I mentioned that I was working on getting motivated to open this shop up. I stopped writing and made an account right then. I’ve been adding my patterns there and I’m really pleased with it so far! I know there’s a lot of features I’m not taking advantage of, but I definitely plan on playing with it more.

Now, here’s the exciting part. To celebrate opening this new shop I’m offering 15% off with the coupon code – NEWSHOP

So head over to my Storenvy shop and check out the cross stitch patterns!


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    I’ve heard of Storenvy but never looked at it before – I can’t believe it’s actually free to sell on there! Your shop is looking really good.

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      Thanks! I had heard about it but wasn’t sure I wanted to deal with a second shop. But the fact that it’s free gave me the motivation to try it out. I really like it so far, there’s a ton of customization!

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