Stitched Blooms Stitchalong

This bird motif is from Carina’s book Stitched Blooms. I haven’t picked up a copy yet so when I saw her blog post about a stitchalong with the chance to win a copy, I knew I needed to do it! My original plan was to make an ornament for Evie and stitch her name on it. However, now that I see it finished, I feel like maybe I should frame it or display it some way that I can be out year round instead of just at Christmas. I’m really happy with the colors and how they work together, I was a little concerned but I like it.
I’ve always been drawn to cross stitch over embroidery, it just makes so much sense to me. It’s so methodical and there’s a definite right way to do it. I’ve been expanding by cross stitching more unique materials, but it’s still the same principles. Embroidery on the other hand feels so foreign. There are so many different stitches, so many different techniques. I always feel like I’m doing it wrong, my stitches are always uneven and I can’t keep them straight. Despite the imperfections, I get a strong sense of satisfaction finishing an embroidery. It’s so much faster than cross stitch, I completed this in a few hours, it didn’t take long at all.
I really enjoyed stitching on felt more than I do on fabric. I feel like I always have to be so careful or I have problems with the fabric puckering. Since the felt is thicker I didn’t have that issue. I used a wool blend felt and it was really nice to work with, I wish it was easier to get ahold of. Joann’s sells a few colors by the yard, but not many. I ordered some on Etsy to make a couple of Mollie from Wild Olive’s kitschy Christmas ornaments, but it hasn’t come yet. It’s so much nicer to use the wool blend than the acrylic.
I also did a little test where I tried out embroidering text, I don’t think it’s a terrible first try. We bought some Land of Nod stockings a few years ago and I really wanted to put names on them but I have been nervous. They have the option to personalize through them, but I really wanted a cursive script instead of just block letters. Maybe this will be the year where I am finally brave enough to try!


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    I know exactly how you feel about embroidery vs cross stitch. I prefer cross stitch because it helps switch my brain off after a long day at work. Embroidery does the opposite, it’s all work and ‘oh… that stitch doesn’t work there…’ But at the same time, sometimes I just want a quick and easy finish, and embroidery is perfect for that.

    I love the little bird you stitched, so cute and bright! I hope Evie likes it. šŸ™‚

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      Yes, switching my brain off is the perfect way to put it! I can just put something on tv and not have to think besides counting.
      Embroidery is really interesting to me and I want to explore it more, it’s just a lot harder for me to get into the right mindset.

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    Your embroidery is beautiful! I especially love the colours on the dark felt, they pop! I smiled at your cross stitch vs embroidery thoughts, as I’m in the same situation but on the opposite side. I’ve recently finished my first cross stitch, and I felt nervous about being ‘confined’ to a strict pattern, I was sure I’d muddle up the counting! Looks like you’re well on your way to embroidery…those stitches in the name are looking quite neat! Chrissie x

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      I mess up counting all the time and have to pull out stitches. Or if it’s a pattern where it isn’t noticeable I just leave it (shhh, don’t tell!) The space ones were largely ad libbed after miscounting something along the way.
      Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad my embroidery doesn’t look as amateurish as it does to me!

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