January Artisan Collective Market

Tonight I have a table at this monthly flash market in Batavia, IL with the Artisan Collective. Doing at least one craft fair was one of my 2014 goals and I'm glad to be doing this so early in the year. I'm hoping it goes well and I can update my goal with a much larger number of shows this year. This is only my second time selling at a craft fair, and my product line has grown significantly since then. I have the framed cross stitches I had at my first show, but I also have cross stitch kits, necklaces, bracelets, art in hoops, buttons, and I will also be selling ... Read More

2014 Goals

I've been thinking about goals for 2014 for awhile now, and Nicole from Mercantile 519 made a post of hers, so I decided to make mine public too. Acquire all 454 DMC thread colors I mentioned this goal in a recent blog post. I'm currently cataloging all of the colors I have so I can get the colors I'm missing. Do at least one craft show and one art show I did a craft show last year, that's actually what gave me the push to get my Etsy shop going and get my site up. But unfortunately the show itself was small and not well attended. This year I'd really like to do ... Read More

Thread Organization

So I've started making a list of 2014 goals, and one of the items is to get my thread organized and to acquire all 454 DMC thread colors. Usually when I go to the store to grab a color for a project I grab a couple extra colors too. They're only $.37, how can I pass them up? Well, I started noticing that in doing so, I gravitate towards the same colors. So I downloaded the app XFloss and I'm slowly going through and cataloging all of my current thread. Then I can look at what I don't have and make a shopping list. I also started wrapping my thread a new way. I ... Read More