&Stitches is having a Finish-Along and it seems like a terrific way to start off the new year and get some old projects out of the way! I dug out some works in progress and I'm going to commit to finishing them! I started this Statue of Liberty as a Christmas gift but at the last minute started something new. I think it's going to look great when it's done, but I haven't loved stitching it. So it makes it really hard for me to reach for this project when I'm in the mood to stitch something. I started this waste canvas cross stitch monogram and I kind of abandoned it. ... Read More

Resurrecting a Project – Evie’s Scarf

I started this scarf for Evie last winter but never finished it. I absolutely love the yarn, it's really soft. Usually when I buy a variegated yarn I'm disappointed by the outcome, but the gradient on this one is really pretty. However, that's also the reason this scarf never got finished. I'm coming to the end it the skein and I want it to be longer but don't know how the new skein will look. I'm worried there will be a really obvious and abrupt change that will ruin the scarf. I guess really the only way to find out is to try, but I'm nervous. ... Read More