My Grandmother’s Sewing Kit

When I would go to my grandmother's house when I was younger, I was always fascinated by this box. I loved the shape and how the lid came off. When my grandmother passed away my mom gave me this box because she knew how much I always loved it. We were cleaning out the garage and it was in a box that we still hadn't unpacked from when we moved in. Inside was full of various vintage sewing supplies, I wish so badly I had taken the time to ask about them all when my grandma was around. I didn't get into crafting until I was older and I missed out on the opportunity to ... Read More

Vintage Quilt

My mom brought me three boxes of partially finished quilts from my great grandma. They've been in a closet for years, and with my recent hexagon obsession, my mom figured it was the right time to dig them out. I was really hoping to be able to use the hexagons that she had cut out and use them in the quilt I'm making but sadly, they are too small. She wasn't paper piecing them, instead they are being sewn together so they are cut to size. There are 13 completed hexagon flowers that I definitely want to do something with! There is an entire box of these ... Read More