Toddler Activities – Frog Puppet

The other week we checked out the Thursday morning story time and craft at Culture Stock in downtown Aurora. It’s a used bookstore run entirely through volunteers and donations. They have a ton of events in the store. I’ve been to their Saturday morning stitching group, but this was my first kid event there.
The books were all frog themed and then there was a project to make a paper bag puppet.
Paper Bag Frog Puppet from Hugs are Fun

What you need are:
Brown paper lunch bag
Paint, markers, or crayons
Glue sticks
White and black paper circles
Paper arms
Red strip of paper
Paper Bag Frog Puppet from Hugs are FunEvie had a blast and it was really simple. Decorate the bag however you want, we did sponge painting. Then glue the white circles onto the bag and the black pupils on top. Glue an arm on each side, the red tongue on, and there you have it!
Paper Bag Frog Puppet from Hugs are Fun

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