I Have a Problem…

This year I have been watching an embarrassing amount of tv. While Evie takes her nap every afternoon, I put on a show and cross stitch. I usually get through 2-3 episodes a day, depending on how long her nap is.
This has resulted in almost 30 cross stitches and me making my way through a lot of series. I’ve watched:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Firefly (I’ve seen it countless times but it never gets old)
Six Feet Under
Big Love
The Killing

I am currently working through Dollhouse. I’m almost done with the first season and there’s only one more after that, so I’m guessing I’ll be done next week.

I tried a few episodes of Vampire Diaries but I couldn’t do it. And Supernatural didn’t get me interested enough to keep watching it.

I am at a loss what I should start next. I feel like I should be reading books with all this time, but I love that I can multitask with tv shows and cross stitching.

Any suggestions for a good show to tackle next?

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