We’re Having Ducklings!

So last week a male mallard duck was hanging out on our yard. Evie wanted to go out and see him, and when we did a female flew out of a planter and we noticed she had been laying eggs in there.

We started researching duck nesting, and found they lay an egg a day until they have a full brood of 10-12. There were 4 when we first found it. Now that she has laid the full brood, she’s been there almost all the time. We can see the planter from the window so Evie likes to watch her. The other day I noticed she was gone so I quickly ran out to get a photo of the nest. I was slightly worried about getting attacked by an angry mama duck, but she wasn’t around.

I can’t tell exactly how many there are because of all the pine cones and some are buried. But in 25-28 days there will be a planter full of baby ducklings!

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